Bored With Blogging? (How To Stay Inspired)

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When you first start blogging everything is really exciting and new, but after you have done it for a couple of months or a couple of years (like me) the process can become very monotonous and boring.  Let’s be real, most bloggers are doing the same things (with the exception of a few).  Most fashion blogs are showcasing outfits, shoes, shopping habits, traveling experiences, or bragging about the good life.  It is the norm (and we love it), but what do you do when just don’t have it in you anymore.  I feel like I am experiencing some sort of blogging funk on a regular basis, so when this happens I use my inspirations to pull me through.  Here are a few ways to stimulate your love for blogging all over again:


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1. Use Other Mediums

My YouTube channel is my biggest source of inspiration when I just can’t think of anything to do (or I don’t want to do the same repetitive blog post that every other fashion blogger is doing).  I can still take my pictures, but I can create an online visual representation of my blog online for my viewers.  This experience allows me to be creative in my editing and with the topics that I choose to discuss.  I really love youtube for everything, including watching videos for fresh ideas.

2. Print Media

Magazines always offer great ideas for any type of niche blogging.  You may come across an article that is really interesting that you may want to share with your audience or create a post on a topic that you have never covered on your blog before.  Readers always want useful and fresh content, and print media never fails in the department of inspiration.

3. Blog Inspiration

I don’t have the time to read many blogs these days, but there are some that I always have to check every now and then because they bring a lively spirit that is filled with great messages, twists on current trends, or a really amazing wardrobe.  Whatever it is, these blogs inspire me to want to be a better blogger.  At the moment I am obsessed with the Brooklyn Blonde blog… ahhhh just amazing style!  Good blogs keep me on my toes because they are so creative, free-spirited, and awesome.  These are the types of blogs that instantly make you want to get up and do something…read those!


4. Old Movies

Due to the fact that there is nothing new under the sun, I like to watch old movies as of late, and I am stuck on Audrey Hepburn at the moment.  This source of inspiration has been helping me visit other eras when fashion was really lovely and out of this world.  Movies are always a great source of inspiration, especially when I can watch “Sex In The City” a million times.  That movie never gets old to me!

5. Talk About The Things You Love

The great thing about having a blog is that people actually care about what you have to say, and that is a very humbling experience!  Your followers want to know about the next purse that you plan to purchase or your favorite lipstick-nothing is too trivial.  They may be able to get information like this from many sources, but those other sources are not you.  They trust and value your word, which is why integrity is so important in blogging.  So share all of those items that you are loving with your readers.

6. Be Helpful

If all else fails and you cannot find anything to discuss on your blog, answer questions.  I get so many questions that it is hard to choose which ones to tackle first.  The main purpose of  your blog should be to provide resourceful information or to share a personal journey.  My personal blog is a little bit of both, so I try to incorporate posts that I know will answer the questions that my readers have.  This has helped me so much with getting out of my blogging ruts.

Sometimes the blogging grind gets old, but my blog and the people that read it are very dear to me heart. So at this point in my life giving up my blog is not an option, but I do take the necessary breaks that I need to recharge.  You have to love blogging and if you don’t love it, this may not be the right path for you because it is not easy work.  There are so many factors that come along with trying to build a successful blog, but it has been worth it to me thus far.  You have to make sure that it is worth it for you.

If have any questions, please leave them below or TWEET ME!