Reader QA: Sponsored Posts Vs. Product Reviews


I know that a lot of new bloggers are trying learn the ropes (just like all veteran bloggers had to do at one time), so I wanted to tackle a great question that I come across quite often.  Here is this week’s question: “Is there a difference between sponsored posts and product reviews?”  And my answer is, absolutely!   I do both because I find them beneficial, but today I’m going to break down the differences and what the benefits and disadvantages of both are.

Sponsored Posts

The purpose of a sponsored post is for a brand to promote their business using your platform.  For this type of collaboration, a brand would send you a product and compensate you to discuss/review or share that product with your audience.  Depending on the company that you work with some of the requirements may be to review/showcase the product and disclose that the post has been sponsored, in addition to sharing the blog post on your social media platforms.  Obviously, brands want you to talk about their products in a favorable light, but you should never jeopardize your integrity or the trust of your audience. If you don’t like a product, it would be in your best interest to request that the company send you a shipping label so that you can return it. I have no problem doing this because I’m never going to say that I like anything that I don’t.

Product Reviews

For this type of post, no compensation is given in exchange for a product review or giveaway. The brand sends you an item(s) and you discuss what you like or dislike about the product in a blog post, ensuring that your audience understands that this product was sent to you for review/showcase.  When a company begins to make specific requests in regards to your blog post or includes must-do actions they are venturing into the sponsored post category, so be sure to have clear guidelines set up for your reviews.  It is perfectly fine to do reviews for your blog audience without being compensated because it builds trust and allows you to share new items with your audience.

Whatever collaborations you choose to explore on your blog just make sure to keep everything in perspective and stay true to your purpose because blogging takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work!  Leave your comments any requests that you have for future topics below or Tweet Me.