Do We Need SEO In 2015?

Search engines have constantly changed the SEO over the last couple of years, which have some experts claiming that SEO is dead.  You all know that I mentioned on Periscope that I do not waste a lot of time with SEO because it is difficult and time-consuming to master this strategy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about it at all.  I like to keep my focus on my target audience and if you are trying to build your blog traffic, I highly recommend that you download this free worksheet for a few ideas on how to do that! Let’s talk SEO right now!

It is true that the rules of SEO have changed and are still constantly changing. The drive behind this is not to make it harder for people to get their websites ranked properly or to make SEO harder but rather to get rid of the bad SEO that could otherwise taint the efforts of those that are looking to rightfully earn their place.  Nevertheless, the basics of SEO have still remained the same and you are about to find why SEO is still a great strategy in 2015.

1. Quality content is good but optimized content is even better.

There is no question that your readers love great content that is helpful to them. However, they have to be able to find that content which is where optimization comes in. The aim is for search engines to try and reward high-quality content by making it more findable, which is why it is vital to ensure that you have some keywords to make it more relevant to the search engines and easily find by your readers.

2. It will take time to kick in.

The changes that search engines have made ensure that the process is more rigorous and that only the approved methods that are allowed. It will take more time for your efforts to pay off but eventually, it does work and the best part is that when it does, you will be enjoying them for longer. Some strategies that are worth investing in currently include:

  • Keywords that appear naturally within your content will help to rank you higher.
  • Hard-earned and quality links for your blog are still the way to go. Not only do they allow you to get more traffic but it also allows you to build trust and confidence with your readers.
  • Technical SEO.  This refers to anything that is designed to give search engines easier access to your site. The more compliant you are, the more lenient they are bound to be.
  • You might also want to consider learning more about link attraction.  Most bloggers do this by collaborating with larger websites that can provide linkbacks to their website.

On the other hand, there are certain SEO strategies that may be outdated. This is perhaps because the ease is gone and it takes longer before tangible results can be seen.  Some of these strategies that are a total waste of time and could even get your website banned include:

  • Keyword stuffing and especially when the keyword appears unnaturally and is not related to the content that is on the websites.
  • Buying mass directory links.
  • Spinning of content (republishing the same content to multiple sites).
  • Optimizing purely for the sake of ranking.

If you are not looking to fail in the SEO game, which is something that no blogger wants, these would be strategies to avoid. While they could have worked to a certain degree in the past, they may not work in the current day and time.

3. SEO is based on the interest of your audience.

One of the factors that make SEO a great strategy currently is that it has moved from just being a strategy that website owners can use to be ranked highly to one that is aimed to reward high-quality content and compliant sites with the best ranking so that users can have the best experience.

4. Keywords still apply.

As long as people will use search engines, Keywords will remain to be an integral part of SEO. Without them, it would impossible for internet search engine to give credible results to the searches that are conducted. However, the ways in which the keywords are processed by the search engines nowadays have changed. This is why methods like keyword stuffing have fallen from grace. Nevertheless, the keywords still hold their importance in SEO.

As much as many might claim that SEO is living on borrowed time, it is worth noting that while the descriptions and algorithms could change, the skeleton and basics of SEO have remained the same. How important is SEO to you?