How Saying “No” Can Be Beneficial To Your Blog

When I first started blogging “no” was not an active word in my vocabulary.  If I was offered an opportunity or invited to an event that I thought could be beneficial to my blog I immediately said yes, but I was overworking myself with no real results.  It is important to not overwhelm yourself with the demands of others or to pressure yourself to stay relevant as a blogger.  My love for my blog and my income increased dramatically when I realized how valuable I am to myself and other people.  I don’t have to attend every event or take every item that is being offered to me because I work really hard and it is important for me to do things on my blog that my audience will enjoy and that benefit my brand.

Here are some things that I have learned along the way:

  • Say no to attending events without a purpose.  If I am invited to an event (that I am not being compensated for) I have to weigh the pros and cons. Sure it’s great to take selfies, get a glance at the latest styles, eat great food, and meet influential people, but I had to start analyzing how doing this was truly helping my blog.  So now the question I ask myself before attending any event is, “What will my blog gain from attending this event and will I lose money (maybe through traveling)?”  If the pros don’t outweigh the cons, then I have to decline.
  • Say no to brands if it does not benefit your blog.  When companies request to send me products to blog about (but don’t want to pay) I don’t always say no after explaining my fees because sometimes there are ways to profit from posting on your blog without doing a sponsored post. I also may truly want to try the item or product that is being offered to me.  Either way, the question that I ask myself before I agree to accept anything is, “How will this benefit my audience and my blog?”  Your time is more valuable than money, so be very careful about what you agree to.
  • Say no to not having a voice on your blog.  In one of the blogging niches that I’m apart of, it appears that most people have the same opinion about everything.  We can’t all love the same trends or have the same thought process about style and pop culture.  If you are not careful your individuality can be stripped away as a blogger because everyone knows that blogging is a numbers and popularity game. Don’t box yourself!  Allow your true personality to shine because that is what will make your blog unique and interesting.
  • Say no to fear! If I have a new idea or concept that I want to try on my blog, I do it! I will never allow anyone to control the direction of my blog. I will never blog about something just because it is popular.  I have to enjoy the things that I share on my blog and social media platforms, so don’t let fear eat away at your creativity.

Learning to put myself first has helped me to become a better blogger and to love this part of my life even more.  I am able to focus on projects and events that are truly beneficial and allow me to explore new creative endeavors.  I hope this post helps you to learn to say “no” to certain things because I believe this valuable lesson will bring a lot of opportunities your way that you can finally say “yes” to!