Standing Apart From Other Bloggers

I often hear concerns from bloggers on how to stand apart from other other bloggers within their niche.  It can be very difficult getting traffic to your website, but you have to be very diligent and strategic when it comes to capturing the attention of new supporters.

3 Tips To Help You Stand Apart From The Crowd:

  1. Find out what is missing from some of your favorite blogs by analyzing them. The best part of blogging is that we all have unique talents and skills.  Some people do certain things really well, but they may be missing something within their content that your blog can tap into.  The one thing that you have that no one else does is your voice!  No one can execute a blog the same way that you would.  You have to be able to identify what parts of your personality that you can add to your blogging process that will attract readers.  Ask yourself, “What could I be doing better?”  Do you need to improve your titles, content, photography, or concepts?  What gap could you be filling?
  2. Use other forms of media to reach the needs of all your audience.  Everyone doesn’t like to read blogs or they may be tired of seeing the “same old same old” on every single blog.  You can tap into an uninterested audience by connecting with your audience in different ways.  Try making a video, telling a story, or some new creative method to display your information instead of a regular blog post.
  3. Think “bigger”.  Every blogger is trying to build an audience, but what is your blog’s bigger purpose.  In order to stand apart from the sea of other bloggers within your niche you have to understand your purpose for having a blog.  You should have clear goals and a plan that you stick to.  You cannot just drift along mimicking popular bloggers.  You have to create your own lane!  Your message and brand should be very clear to your audience.

I hope these tips will help you to start the thought process of learning how to differentiate your blog from others.  Please feel free to tweet me with your questions.

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