Blogging Is Not A Business Model

You all know that I love my blogs, so you may be surprised to find out that I do not view my blog as a business model.  I view it as the “hub” where people come to get information.  It is a place for me to connect with old supporters and attract new ones, so that they can be exposed to various parts of my brand.  Once you are able to attract an audience of any size you will be able to create a business that caters to needs of your readers.  Blogging is not a “get-rich quick” scheme.  It takes a lot of strategy and hard work to build a business around your blog.  There are a few bloggers who I believe can make high profits from their blogs, but it is rare (probably more than you think).

Why blogging is not a business model:

  • It takes a lot of blog traffic to use your blog solely for profit (and that will most likely never happen for the average blogger).  Most blogs, even the most creative and consistent, only make a few dollars a day through affiliate marketing strategies.  You have to have traffic in the hundreds of thousands to millions to really break into the upper crust of high earning blogs.  Some bloggers focus on sponsored posts, but that is not a sure thing either.  Blog marketing is still fairly new, and I imagine that payouts will also change as brands become more familiar with this type of advertising


  • I have to agree with expert David Risely, when he says “unless you are selling something you don’t have a business.”  Depending on ad revenue from your blog is not the same thing as having a business.  You can control your own business, but you cannot control how much you earn through ad revenue.


  • You have to figure out how to solve a problem for your audience in order to be able to use your blog as a tool for your business.  People purchase services and products from people that they trust in order to make their life easier in some way.  If you can figure out what your audience desires and be able to provide it, you can use your blog as foundation for a profitable business.


  • When you treat your blog as “business model” you will appear inauthentic to your audience and it will be difficult to build a loyal following.  You can see this with bloggers who promote every trending item on their blog.  You may get popular, but it will be difficult to convert sales from your blog.  It is crucial to build a community around your blog so that your audience can trust you.  You don’t have to have thousands of followers to develop a business that you are passionate about that your audience will support.


  • All your hard work will be in vain if you try to haphazardly earn from it.  You could post everyday, read blogs, try what everyone else is doing and still never earn more than a dollars from your blog.  A blog is platform for creation, self-expression, teaching, and promotion.  You have to be clear about how blogging actually works, especially if you don’t have a widely popular blog.

I hope this post will help you rethink your blogging goals and process.  Do you want to blog as a hobby or use your blog as a promotional platform to pursue your other passions and business goals?