Developing A Niche On Instagram

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking about what it takes to “truly” develop a unique Instagram presence, one that truly will help you reach your target audience, get more readers to your blog, and earn an income.  It all boils down to your “niche”.   What is your page offering that your audience will find a hard time finding in a ton of places?  Here are few strategies to help.

1. Develop Your Audience With Hashtags

Hashtags are the search engine for Instagram.  You can find your audience, other bloggers, and stay current with the trends within your niche.  Using hashtags will not only help people find you, it will help you start to develop a unique voice that will attract a very specific audience.  When you know what is happening within your blogging niche, you will start getting more ideas on what you can offer that is more unique.

2. Develop A New Way To Connect

The one thing that is lacking on Instagram is true engagement from most of its users.  You can make your platform shine by developing a true connection with the people that support what you do.  Make your followers apart of your story.  Share your work behind the scenes and different projects that are working on for them.  Likewise, answer their questions, thank them, ask them questions to make them feel appreciated.  This is how you convert followers into loyal blog readers.

3. Develop A Strategy

Your picture aesthetic is not the only thing that you should be improving on Instagram.  You must develop a detailed plan for your social media platforms if you want to see your blog grow.  How many times are you posting?  What pictures get the most comments and likes?  What content does your audience seem to enjoy the most?  Answering these questions will help you develop a page that is geared towards you target audience.  Your page will be alive and interactive!  You become a leader in your blogging niche when you attract the right audience to your social media pages.

4. Create An Awesome Bio

Your bio is like a resume.  Your followers should be able to look at that information and come up with a theory about what you do as a blogger, and what your strengths are.  I stress the importance of this in my Instagram For New Bloggers class. Your bio is very important because it gives people a glimpse into what you are passionate about and what you do well that they may find useful.

5. Always Have A Call-To-Action

You have to tell your followers what you want them to do.  Your posts may be geared towards moving people to your blog, selling a product, or joining your email list. Whatever the purpose of your posts, you should be creating interesting content that makes people want to act.  Once you can lead your followers to act, you are on the road to developing a niche that works for your blog.

I hope this post helps to start you on the journey of developing an Instagram page that stands out in the crowd!