How To Succeed On Instagram As A Newbie Blogger

The new Instagram algorithm change that will be rolling out slowly has a lot of people worried about how this will affect their blog traffic.  Instagram has decided to move towards the Facebook and the Pinterest route by no longer allowing the pictures in your feed to be viewed in chronological order.  Instead, your pictures will be displayed by what Instagram thinks you would “like to see the most.”  I think this change is not bad after reflecting on it for awhile.  Even if we don’t like it, does Instagram really care…umm no!  I believe this change will help to connect your page with the people who are actually interested in your content, instead of lurkers who never really interact with your page anyway.

What does this mean for you as a new blogger?

1. Your content needs to be better than ever before!  You should think “quality over quantity” when it comes to your Instagram strategy.  In my Instagram For New Bloggers course, I talk about the importance of posting amazing pictures on your profile and I give some very useful tips on how to do that.  If you have been slacking with your picture quality or the information that you share on your platform, it is time to step it up.  Take some time to really think things through and develop a plan.

2. Get started with your email list immediately. The amount of email subscribers you have is way more important than your social media numbers.  I discuss this in one of my previous posts on how to send your first email. Check that out here. You own your email list, but you don’t own Instagram.  While Instagram is a very resourceful tool to use to grow your blog, you have no control over this platform.  Creating an email list will allow you to have instant access to the people that appreciate the content that you are creating.  I also created a tutorial on how to create your first email using MailChimp, which is a free emailing platform as long as you have under 2,000 email subscribers.



3. Start Snapping. I have not been on Snapchat that long, but I am starting to warm up to it.  There is nothing changing about Snapchat at the moment, so now might be a great time to develop a following over there!  You can find me on Snapchat @naturallyfashionable.  This is a great way to connect with your supporters and give them a glimpse inside your world.  Snapchat promotion is something that you really should not ignore as a blogger.

4. Start Collaborating.  Find other bloggers that you can partner up with to create Instagram challenges or to share each other’s content.  This form of cross-promotion will help to build your exposure and get more comments and likes on your platform.  In addition, it will help you to build meaningful relationships with other bloggers.

So don’t be afraid of the new changes, just focus on quality content and be consistent.  You can’t lose with hard work and dedication.  Join my Instagram For New Bloggers class if you need help with creating amazing content on Instagram. The class has great reviews and the participants have seen their numbers grow!