How I Found My Voice



When I first started blogging I was very unsure of my direction, my voice, and how much of myself I wanted to reveal through my online presence.  The power of having a “voice” is one of the greatest gifts that you can you have in life because it is yours. Reflecting back, I now realize that fear was holding me back.  I was afraid of judgement; I surely didn’t want to offend anyone with my thought processes or personality.  It is always a journey trying to find your voice and develop your brand as a blogger and that’s why I’ll be discussing it at length in my new mastermind group!

When I freed myself from this bondage and found my voice, I was able to create a blog that has continued to flourish and grow with my core audience.  Fear can keep you stuck because it doesn’t allow you to step away from common forms of thinking and just be an individual, and I pride myself on being a free thinker.

When I found my “voice” it was life-changing.  It helped me grow and understand my audience and my purpose.  I want other bloggers and business owners to understand the power of having a clear voice so that you will stand above all of the noise that is online.  Today I’m going to share a few tips that helped me to develop my voice.

Have A Clear Point of View 

When your readers understand your point of view it helps them understand what makes you different from others. This does not mean that you should be tactless or offensive, but it is good to be somewhat vulnerable at times.  Your readers need to see the “real you.”  Showing that you have flaws and are human is always a good thing.

Just Start & Be Consistent

In order to develop your voice, you have to begin creating a consistent body of work that people will start to identify you by.  As you continue to blog you will evolve, and you can tweak things along the way.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

I would have never developed the confidence that is required to build a blog or start my own courses if I let fear control me.  I had to step away from the thought-processes of what it means to have a successful blog and create my own vision.  I had to set goals for myself, without being afraid of what others may think.  You will never have a blog that you love if you are afraid to do anything that is different.

Identify Your Target Audience

You have to understand early on that you are not expecting everyone to read your blog.  You only need the people who resonate with your content and beliefs!  It is better to have a core group of loyal blog followers, than random people who visit your blog infrequently.  When you focus on your audience, your voice will become quite clear because you will begin to attract the people that need your information.  You will even attract people who think they don’t like them, but you win them over somehow.

Be Deliberate With Your Delivery

Take some time to figure out your personality and writing style, and be deliberate about the way you disseminate your information. This will help to really illuminate your voice more deeply, which will help to develop your unique blogging voice.

It is time to step out of the shadows of other blogs and become confident about your voice so that you can grow your own audience. If you’re ready to find your voice, join the Blog With Kim Mastermind today and check out this post.