Episode 2: Can A Rural Blogger Be Successful? (Here Are 5 Ways To Do It!)

I’m so excited for Episode 1 of Blog With Kim!  Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on Itunes.  Trying to get your blog exposure can be hard when you live in a rural area.  Many bloggers believe that they have to live in Atlanta, New York, or LA to be successful, but I believe there is a way to obtain success right where you.

Show Notes: 5 Ways To Be Successful As A Rural Blogger

  1. Networking is a must when you are trying to build an audience.  It is important to build relationships and attend events and conferences.
  2. Reach out and collaborate with local bloggers and businesses.  This will help you create content that will give your blog more exposure.
  3. You must have an original angle—do what you love and develop a specific niche.
  4. Be proud of your city.  Explore, learn, and share your city with the world.  This helps to build interest in your blog.
  5. Your blog should be very focused and updated regularly.  People should know why you are the expert.