How To Stand Out As A Blogger

The business of blogging is hard.  I am not going to lie to you about that.  We are in a time where everyone wants to be an influencer because there is power in creating your own online space.  As a new blogger you may be trying to figure out, “How Do I Stand Out?”   You may be doing a lot of the right things, but it’s not easy to capture the attention of an online audience, and anyone that tells you different is lying…lol!  Believe me, I know from personal experience that trying to grow a blog can be a very frustrating journey!

I’m Here To Help.

I created a FREE “Grow Your Tribe” class starting on January 16th that aims to help get your blog noticed this year!  Whoot!!!!

This 3-day course will help you develop content, grow your audience, work with brands, and stand out online!

When you are trying to grow your blog you have to start thinking about the BIGGER picture.  It’s not that you are trying to compete with other bloggers (they are your networking community).  Your focus should be more about setting yourself apart, as an amazing and creative content creator.  This class will help you do that, so signup HERE!  Here a few tips that I can offer before the class starts!  Let’s go!

1.Understand Your Purpose

It’s important to have a clear understanding of why you have a blog, who you are blogging for, and what your end goal is.  I have said this before, and I will say it again, ” Your blog is not for everyone.”  It’s for your specific target audience who will find value in the content that you are creating.  Blogging gurus often talk about creating a mission statement that will your blog more direction, which in return will grow your audience.  A mission statement is a few sentences that explain the purpose of your blog.  This gives your platform a focus.

Want more information on how to create a mission statement?  During the “Grow Your Tribe” class I will help you identify what your true purpose is as a blogger and how to reach your audience.  When you understand your brand you will create better content and people will be attracted to your platform.  

2. Become the “Expert”

I always stress the importance of becoming “known” for something with the BWK Mastermind Group members.  When you do something really well, whether it be fashion, makeup, fitness, or cooking, you will become the expert to your audience.  This is why it’s important to have a blog niche that will allow you to focus on a consistent message.  You are unique, and you have special talents and skills.  Your blog is the place to showcase what you do best!  Don’t be afraid to incorporate your story into your platform.  

The “Grow Your Tribe” course will give you some strategies to help you discover who you want to become online.

3. Participate In The Blogging Community

While I’ve always hated group work (and still do), participating in a community with other bloggers really helped my platform explode.  There is value in developing a network with other bloggers.  Collaborations help to build your platform and get your blog noticed by industry leaders.  It’s ok to reach out to other influencers, but before you ask for anything try to build a rapport with them!  Building an organic relationship with other bloggers can eventually lead to making the right connections.  You have to step outside of your comfort zone to grow and become respected in your community.

4. Be Authentic

You just have to keep it real with your audience!  Don’t try to be someone that you’re not, and always be transparent about your sponsorships and what you believe in. Your authenticity and uniqueness are what makes you original, not your content.  You do not have to try to fit in with other bloggers within your niche.  There is nothing new under the sun, so your personality and unique perspective are really what makes you shine and stand out!

5. Boost Your Social Media Presence

It is so important to be active and present on social media.  It takes time to build a following and this requires strategy and time.  My favorite platform is Instagram, and growth was my main focus for awhile!  I put a lot effort into expanding my page and eventually my platform grew to over 100K followers.  In my “Kill It On Insta,” class, I discussed the importance of planning out your social media and how I used social media schedulers like Planoly.  These are the type of strategies that will grow your audience to another level.

6. Develop Your Blog’s Identity

Your blog’s identity is not just about your logo and color scheme.  It is your blog’s core message.  It is important to develop a branding strategy for your blog.  This will help you attract your ideal audience to your platform.  There is a lot to consider when you are branding your blog such as your content, writing style, voice, and how you will connect with your followers.  How will you create a brand that represents everything that your blog stands for and aligns with your mission?  During the “Grow Your Tribe” class, I will teach some branding essentials that will help your blog stand out from other influencers and promote growth.

It’s important to step outside the box of what you see other bloggers doing so that you can create a platform that will attract your tribe that represents your blog mission and core values.  My blog really did not take off until I started being consistent with my brand’s message.  Your lifestyle and who you are is what makes your blog shine.  You have a voice that people want to hear.  The right branding can help increase your blog engagement and grow your audience.

7. Get Creative

It’s time to try something new!  You can’t do the same old thing all of the time and expect to stand out.  Sometimes you have to shake things up a bit!  Maybe this is the year that you will add infographics or video to your blog, or you may want to work on creating better captions, improving your content, or stepping up your photography game.  There is always a way that you can expand your brand.  Finding new ways to share your content will always make you stand above the rest.



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