Episode 6: What Will Blogging Look Like In 2018? What Are The Trends?

We are about to enter a new year, and while some things will stay the same in the blogosphere, many things will change.  Listen to this episode on blogging trends for 2018, and how you can improve your blog in the new year. Need support and resources on your journey as an online entrepreneur?  Join … [Read more…]

Episode 2: Can A Rural Blogger Be Successful? (Here Are 5 Ways To Do It!)

I’m so excited for Episode 1 of Blog With Kim!  Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on Itunes.  Trying to get your blog exposure can be hard when you live in a rural area.  Many bloggers believe that they have to live in Atlanta, New York, or LA to be successful, but I believe … [Read more…]

Episode 1: What Makes Your Blog Stand Apart From Others? | Blog With Kim Podcast

Welcome to a new year and the new Blog With Kim Podcast!  Whoot!  I am so excited about this new podcast that was created to help you learn how to identify and use your unique gifts and talents to build a successful online business with a blog.  I reached so many of my goals last … [Read more…]