Blogging Bootcamp Spotlight

Blogging Bootcamp Spotlight

It’s time for another Blogging Bootcamp Spotlight!  Meet fashion blogger Mschimee, who just finished my class recently.  She describes herself as a southern girl who enjoys life, the good, the bad and the fierce!  She is another blogger on the scene that you should know about.

On her style…

My style is all over the place, so I try not to define it.  

On the purpose of her blog…

My blog is about the love I have for fashion, food and having fun!

I love the simplicity of Mschimee’s style, and her blog illuminates a grown woman, yet edgy vibe (loves it)!  Check her out her blog over on  We are gearing up for another round of Blogging Bootcamp at the end of the month, so make sure that you sign up for my email list to be notified.

Blogging Bootcamp Spotlight with Nita Dee

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I am thrilled to be back with another edition of my Blogging Bootcamp Spotlight. Every week, I like to feature past or current participants of Blogging Bootcamp class.  It is truly the highlight of my week!  This week I’m featuring Nita Dee, a 23-year-old Ghanaian beauty, from the blog Foreign Curves (love that name).  Nita has an edgy, yet sophisticated style that I just adore.  Oh, and I haven’t even begun to talk about her fabulous hair!

Nita describes her blog as a platform not only to showcase her personal style, but to encourage other women on the power of confidence and body positivity.  I think that is amazing! She is definitely building a blog that will help women all over the world.  Be sure to check out Nita over on Foreign Curves.


Blogger Serena Carranza | Bootcamp Spotlight


This week I’m featuring another fabulous blogger from my Blogging Bootcamp course!  Meet Serena Carranza, a personal style plus size blogger who has been blogging on and off since 2010.  I love Serena because she has great style and knows how to dress her curves.  She is edgy and very classy at the same time (my perfect combination).  Her style ranges from timeless classics to super-trendy pieces.  She is another blogger to keep your eye on in 2015! 

I can already see that Serena is going to capture the hearts of fashion lovers because she is super cute and very dedicated to her blog.  You will love her vibrant style and most of all, her fun poses!  Make sure you check her out over on  Thanks for being my Spotlight Blogger of the week Serena!

Fashion Blogger Ella Z.| Bootcamp Spotlight


Today I have the pleasure of introducing Ella Z., from the blog Curveella.  She is an adorable twenty-year-old plus size blogger that currently resides in California.  She took my blogging Bootcamp course recently, and I have to say that she is a blogger that you should be following if you love to have fun with your style.  Her personal style is super cute and her confidence is what shines through the most.

On her blog:

“I used to hate my body and the fact that I am different from the so-called “normal people”.  For so many years I felt and I believed that I was ugly.  I kept on hearing negative comments from people about my weight.  But now, I learned to love my body and to embrace the fact that I’m plus sized and beautiful.”

On her style:

“As for my personal style, I really don’t have a specific one.  I just play around different outfits. Mixing and matching create the magic!  I love to add statement bags and shoes to my outfits.  It brings the elegance and sophistication.  Fashion and Beauty shopping makes me very happy. Styling outfits is who I am and it helps me express myself.”

Her mantra:

“Size is not a reason to sacrifice style!”

Head over to Curveella to get some fashion inspiration!  Thanks so much for allowing me to feature you Ella Z.!

Blogging Bootcamp Spotlight|Carol from “Evolve Your Image”


Every week I will be featuring a blogger from my Blogging Bootcamp Course!  I am so excited to showcase some of these amazing women who are on the rise.  Today, let’s meet Carol, a certified image consultant and jewelry stylist from the blog Evolve Your Image.  Carol’s blog features fabulous fashion for all, but especially for women who are age 40 and up!