5 Media Kit Myths that are Killing Your Brand


In the always changing world of business, it is important to be ready. Ready to create opportunities, and ready when opportunities come knocking. One way to get ready is to prepare your business or blog administration in advance. It seems like a chore, but this bit of housekeeping is never in vain! Just like cleaning … [Read more…]

How I Found My Voice


  When I first started blogging I was very unsure of my direction, my voice, and how much of myself I wanted to reveal through my online presence.  The power of having a “voice” is one of the greatest gifts that you can you have in life because it is yours. Reflecting back, I now … [Read more…]

You Don’t Need It!

There seems to be a misconception that you have to have certain things to start your blog, but this is simply not true.  The most important factors in starting your blog are time and dedication.  I started blogging many years ago with no prior knowledge of how to do anything.  I live in a rural … [Read more…]