Everything You Want To Know Is On A Podcast


As you all know, we live in a very technology-driven society.  There use to be a time when people believed that valuable learning could only take place in school, but that has changed dramatically.  These days the act of learning and receiving valuable information can come from many sources that you may have never thought about.  One of my favorite ways to learn is by listening to podcasts.  There are a number of successful entrepreneurs and bloggers are who sharing knowledge about how to achieve success, grow a blog, and develop your social media presence.  There are so many things that I would have never learned about the business of blogging if I didn’t listen to podcasts. They have expanded my knowledge base and helped me think about my blog in an entirely different way than I did before.

I don’t just listen to podcasts about blogging.  I listen to podcasts about marketing, how to build an online business, social media tips, motivation, and so much more!   But everything I listen to contributes to my goals that I have set for my blog.  Today I am sharing just three of my favorite podcasts that I believe you may find helpful as you build a brand and a blog .  Check them out and let me know what you think.

Myleik Teele’s Podcast  Many of you know Myleik as the founder of Curl Box (a natural hair monthly subscription service), but she is also a great motivational speaker that shares some of her experiences in life and as an entrepreneur in business.  She gives great insight on what it takes to be successful.  It’s a great podcast and she gives great advice on how to stay motivated on the journey to reach your goals.

Social Media Marketing  This podcast is not specifically about blogging, but we all know that social media is a huge part of blogging.  The Social Media Marketing podcast discusses leading trends in the social media marketing world and offers great tips that you can incorporate into your own social media strategy for your blog.

Blogging Your Passion  This was one of the first podcasts that I started listening to.  I really love this podcast because it gives practical tips on how to develop your passion for blogging and turn it into a success.

I listen to so many more podcasts, so if this is a post that you enjoyed leave me a comment and I will continue to share more podcasts that I find invaluable!