My Fashion Blogging Essentials (Part I-The Basics)

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A journal is a good way to jot down all of my thoughts, ideas, and blog inspirations. It helps me focus and plan my future posts. Sometimes coming up with interesting ideas can be difficult and keeping a journal helps me generate a list of things that I may want to discuss or feature on my blog.  I believe that writing cultivates creativity, so I make sure to keep a separate journal dedicated to my blog.


Any computer will do!  You do not need a Macbook to blog, but I am hooked for life.  No other laptop exists, as far as I am concerned.  I do everything on my macbook, including editing my photos in iphoto.  PicMoneky has a free photo editor that I love to use as well to edit the coloring of my photos (although the paid version offers more features…tutorial coming).  I also use imovie on my computer to create and edit my YouTube videos.  The learning curve is so simple with Apple, and the programs are very easy to navigate.  I have been able to learn so much in a short period of time with these programs.


You don’t need a fancy and expensive camera to start a blog, and there are many affordable cameras that produce good quality pictures. I started out with a Canon Powershot and it worked just fine for my outfit pictures (some of those pictures are still up on my blog), so use what you have when you are first starting out.  I would not advise anyone to invest in a DSLR camera until you are sure that you have a passion for blogging and that you will be consistent, but it is one of the best purchases that I have ever made. This camera really took my blogging to another level and the pictures look, clear, crisp, and professional. Using this camera has given my blog a quality that did not exist previously. There are so many blogs on the Internet, so if you want to stand out quality does matter.   If you are interested in this camera, but don’t have the $800.00 to spend, try QVC!  They have a payment installment plan.

4. Google Calendar

I was all over the place until I started scheduling time to work on my blog.  Now, I schedule time for photo shoots, writing, emails, and anything that will require a significant amount of time.  I like to use paper calendars and an electronic calendar, it just depends on my mood.  Google Calendar is great for scheduling all of your blogging activities and you can add fun colors too.  Calendars make life easier.


If you are a blogger that does not have a personal photographer (A.K.A. a boyfriend or husband that can take your pictures) try using a remote to take your pictures. It is better than using a timer because you can give yourself time to pose and hit the button whenever you are ready. Sometimes you have to make things happen for yourself when you don’t have the support of others. I love to use my Canon remote when I am taking beauty shots or recording my YouTube videos. It is a life-saver and makes everything a lot more simple.


You need a tripod.  Even if you have someone taking your pictures (like I do) sometimes they have a shakey hand.  If there is movement while taking pictures they will come out blurry and will not give you the quality or look that you may be hoping for.  Whenever I want my pictures to look amazing without worrying, I make sure that I carry my tripod with me.  It is a great item to have, especially if you are taking outfit of the day pictures.  Invest in a quality tripod because a cheap one will only give you more problems.  Try out ebay if you are on a budget because they sell high quality tripods at lower prices.  Plain a simple, a tripod will make your blogging experience way more enjoyable.

I hope you find my tips helpful, if so tweet me with your feedback for future posts, or leave a comment below.  I will be posted Part 2 of my fashion blogging essentials soon.