What Makes A Blog Worth Reading? (Who’s Unique?)

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The question “What makes your blog unique?” was presented in an awesome post that I read on IFB recently, and it touched on a topic that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. Just as in everything in life, I have discussed that there is an hierarchy among bloggers.  You have your probloggers that rule the scene, such as Gary Pepper or Fashion Toast, but at one point there truly was a place for people who had “ordinary” blogs to connect with others in a way that is more relatable to their lifestyle and experiences.  While the top bloggers create amazing photos and experiences for their readers in very creative ways, it makes you wonder what has to be done to maintain an interesting and unique blog.  My blog started out very small (with no readers) and continues to grow, but what I want it to grow into is still unclear.  Lately, I’ve had to make some serious decisions about the future of my blog.  What makes a blog unique and worth reading?  Is there anything out there that has truly never been done before?

Well, no, but I do believe that bloggers can bring something unique to their niche and the audience that they serve.  A lot of bloggers probably don’t feel this way, but I sort of view myself as a servant who seeks to help and provide knowledge.  I don’t mind this role because without a loyal group of supporters who inspire me there would be no reason to blog.  It’s definitely not the money.  There are very few bloggers who are making the kind of money that can truly sustain a lifestyle through this form of work (looks can be deceiving), so do your research.  If you add in being a minority, who is plus size with kinky hair, you have another set of factors to contend with while trying to run a blog.  It takes thick skin and a lot of self-confidence to try and permeate a domain that is still dominated by traditional forms of beauty even in the plus size community (light skin, wavy hair, certain body type, etc).

I would like to feel that I bring something to my blog that people aren’t getting in a lot of other places, but the truth is I’m not sure.  The article on IFB made the claim that it may be impossible to be successful with a personal blog.  I don’t know if this is true or not, but it is definitely something to think about as I move forward with my blog.  I have been able to inspire women, make some money regularly, have the honor of being featured in major publications, and do guest appearances from time to time all from having a personal blog.  Right now, I have no plans to step away from my blog because I love it so much, but my feelings vary from day to day.  What am I hoping for…more appearances, monetary gain, or even blogger fame?  What is the ultimate goal?  This is a question that every neophyte blogger should be thinking about.  You have to know where you’re headed.

So, as I ponder over the question of what truly makes a blog worthwhile,  I challenge you to do the same.  There really is no point of continuing to work endless hours on a blog that has no ultimate goal or purpose.  So let’s talk…what makes a blog worth reading these days?  It’s hard to tell.