How To Make Money When You’re Not A Popular Blogger



Let me start by saying that I did not start blogging for money or perks because I have always had a career from the day that I graduated college.  I began to receive sponsorships in the last two years, even though I have been blogging since 2010.  Blogging cost money, so it is good to be able to cover some of those costs with ease.  I know that there is a major assumption that you cannot make any money unless you are a huge blogger that has graced the pages of magazines.  While it is great to be featured in magazines, it doesn’t always come with compensation (I would know because I have been featured in a magazine on more than one occasion).  There are those small groups of bloggers that are raking in a hefty income with major collaborations and sponsorships, but please do not believe that they are the only ones that have been able to profit from their blogs.  You many never get rich, but there are definitely ways to supplement the income that you already have. I do not consider myself to be a huge blogger.  I do have a loyal following on some of my platforms, but my reach is not as large as I know it will be in the future.  Even with this being the case, I still have been able to create streams of income from my love affair with blogging.  Today I am sharing some tips on how to start monetizing your blog and social media platforms when you don’t have a mega following.

  • The most important thing that you can do when you want to earn income from your blog is to educate yourself.  I keep my mind active by reading books, taking classes, and by talking to people who are knowledgeable about this business.  So do yourself a favor and attend a seminar or read a book.  Never stop learning.
  • Use the skills that you already have and turn that into a business, using your blog as a way to promote your services.  Are you that teacher that creates amazing lesson plans or a great cook?  Whatever you career or skill set is, you have something to share.  If you have a passion or talent, use your knowledge and experience to start a blog as a way to promote your business.
  • Add a “hire me” tab to your blog navigation bar! I have not done this as of yet because I simply don’t have the time to work another job, but this could be a great way to offer your services.  Whether you are a stylist, a tutor or a coach you may be able to build a business online by using your blog to teach what you know.
  • (Blog) Pop Sugar Select  – This is a premiere network that features fashion, beauty, fitness, food, lifestyle, moms, and video bloggers hand-selected by their editors.  I was invited to join this program, and have participated in a number of campaigns that pay quite well.  This program also  has helped me learn how to charge brands for my services.
  • (Social Media) Sponsored Tweets– Get paid to tweet, blog, take photos and videos.  This is a new platform that I recently came across, so the verdict is still out, but you may want to try programs like this (and there are many of them) when you are new to blogging.  It is a great way to get your “feet wet” sort of speak.
  • (YouTube) Famebit – If you make videos, this is a program that partners you with brands who are looking for content creators to make videos about their products.  You send a short proposal to apply for the sponsorship with companies and each company sets their own guidelines (they look at views/subscribers).
  • ShareASale – If you are not a hugely popular blogger you may not have a lot of brands sending you items to do sponsored posts, but you can use affiliate links with any of the clothing, makeup, or food products that you showcase on your blog. I recently shared some of my favorite affiliate networks with my Blogging Bootcamp Course, and ShareASale was one of them.  It is a great way to make a few dollars when you don’t have a relationship with many brands yet.  Do some research on affiliate programs and find one that works for you.
  • Ask for sponsorship – If you do not ask you shall not receive!  If a company contacts you, or you want to contact a company to collaborate with, you should be prepared to discuss compensation.  You have to know your blog statistics in order to be able to create your proposal, but you cannot be afraid to ask for sponsorship (this is a problem that I have had over the years).  Be realistic and don’t expect a whole lot when you are in your building phases, but be prepared to discuss what you can offer a brand and what you will be getting out of collaborating.

Please share some tips in the comment section if you are a new blogger that has been able to start monetizing your blog.  We would love to hear from you!