What Donald Trump Can Teach You About Blogging

Disclaimer: In no way does this post mean that I endorse Donald Trump as a candidate for the United States Presidency…lol

Donald Trump has taken the world by storm with a big personality and rhetoric that makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable, but behind all of the hype and buffoonery, there are a few blogging lessons that I think you can learn from Trump because his leadership skills cannot be denied (whether you like him or not).  Here are a few lessons that I have picked up from the tycoon in the last couple of months that may help catapult your blog into another level.

1# Learn How To Be Self-Sufficient

Although Trump claims that he is 100% funding his own campaign, we all know that isn’t true (he has received a lot of money from donations).  Even with a little help it is clear that he is running his own show.  He has maintained his power by not allowing sponsors to control his image or message.  Now if he would fix that terrible toupee that he wears on his head maybe he could really be a winner, but let me get back the point! This is the same thing that we must do as bloggers.  You cannot be so wrapped up into what is popular or trying to do sponsored posts so much that you don’t even have time to build your own brand or develop a unique voice.  Trump is showing us how freeing it can be to truly have your own empire.  Stop letting outside entities control your blog.

2# Controversy Is Not Always A Bad Thing

I hear a lot of people referring to Trump as stupid, but I think Trump is hardly unintelligent.  He knows exactly what he is doing.  As a celebrity, he has an edge on the media.  He knows how to use the coverage of his campaign to his benefit.  He makes more controversial statements than people ever believed he could make, and the crazy part of all is that he is just getting started.  You should think of your image in the same way.  There are enough perfect cookie cutter blogs in the world, we don’t need another one.  While I don’t advise being offensive or crass, there is no harm in letting your real personality shine to garner a little attention to your blog’s purpose!

3# You Have To Believe That You’re A Winner

“Think Big” is the title of one of Trump’s books, and I can’t think of a single person on this earth besides Kanye that thinks more affectionately of himself.  Trump doesn’t mind proclaiming that he is a winner (while letting you know that you’re a loser).  As a matter of fact, he goes out of his way to let you know that he is very rich and has a high IQ.  Most of all, he believes that he is a winner and is able to effectively reach his goals.  This may not be the strategy that you want to take with your blog if you don’t want extreme backlash, but there is something special about the content that you are offering your readers.  What is it?  You have to be very clear that you are in this game to win!  Get in tune with your gifts, talents, and skills. Don’t be afraid to validate yourself, instead of waiting for other people to do it.

#4 You need Exposure, Exposure, and More Exposure

Trump has masterfully executed his campaign by understanding the importance of being everywhere.  He doesn’t even have to buy real ads like the other candidates because the news media willingly covers his every move.  He knows the more controversy that he creates, the more coverage he will get.  In addition, he is everywhere that is beneficial to his campaign, on the radio, news, and his rallies draw in thousands of spectators.  All of this shows us the importance of understanding how to get your blog noticed by influential people and industry insiders.  The only way your blog will grow is through exposure, there is no other way.  Take some time to develop your own plan.

#5 Entertaining Beats Boring Any Day

While the other candidates are spewing facts and plans for the future of America, Trump is well—entertaining us.  His one liners and shocking quotes are keeping people on the edge of their seats. His personality and presence are really bigger than life.  It seems like people can’t stop talking about Trump these days, and that is exactly what he wants.  If you want to shine you have to make people feel something, whether that be happiness, sadness, or anger.  If you have the ability to stir up emotion in a positive or reflective way do it! Don’t go overboard, but don’t hide who you truly you are because you may be able to attract a bigger audience by showcasing some sort of personality.