3 Ways To Use Your Personality To Grow Your Blog


We all have very unique personalities! Some are louder and flashier than others, but there is an audience out there that will absolutely love your personality, whether it is soft or boisterous.  I am often told that I have a very “direct” personality, and I used to feel that word had a negative connotation, but that is who I am.  I am a nonsense type of person and that is probably not going to change…lol.  When I began to accept the various parts of my personality and included those unique traits into my blogging process, my platform begin to flourish in positive ways.  You cannot hide from who you are, so use it to your benefit.

Your personality is the one unique thing that no one else 
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Here are some ways to use your radiant personality to advance your blog:

1. Take some time to get to know who you are and what makes your personality shine.  Everyone is doing some version of the same thing with blogging, so what truly makes you unique is your personality and the way that you share information.  You are the star of your own world and can capture your audience with a great personality.  This requires you not to be afraid of rejection, so spend some time getting to know yourself “off the Internet” and entwine your personality into your blog and social media presence. 

Ask yourself:

  • What do I stand for?
  • What do I like?
  • How would others describe me?

2. Blogging niches help to develop your voice as a writer.  You have to be very clear what the “message” and the “vision” for your blog is.  Your personality traits will naturally direct you towards the things that you love and do well.  Don’t fight what you are obviously talented at.  Be very detailed with your writing and take your blog from general to more laser-focused content.  If you need help with developing your voice.  Read this post.

3. Tell Your Story! We all have a story.  Your story is the one thing that makes your blog truly unique.  No one shares the same experiences as you..they may be similar but not the same.  Lately, I have been encouraging the students who are taking my “Kill It On Insta” course to make sure that they are visually telling their stories online.  A story is powerful, and you can capture your personality through your words and images.  Your writing style and pictures that relate to your content instantly give your blog a personality and charm.

Weave your story into your blog posts:

  • Share moments of enlightenment.  How have you changed or grown?
  • Show people that you are human. Discuss the ups and downs of life as they relate to your subject matter on your blog.
  • Think of yourself as a character in a novel.  What adventures are your experiences can you share that will inject more personality into your blog posts?

Take your blog to the next level by using your personality to stand apart from the crowd.  Leave me a comment or tweet me with your advice on using your personality.  I would love to hear from you!