BWK Podcast Episode 8: Blogging Myths That Should Die In 2018!

It’s time to start exploring why you truly want a blog so that you can attract the right audience.  In this episode, I’m helping you eliminate some of the preconceived notions that you may have about blogging. Let’s talk about a few blogging myths: 1. You don’t have to have the biggest audience in the world to be a … [Read more…]

BWK Podcast Episode 4: Revamp or Start New?

Sometimes you feel like it’s time for a fresh start!  That is definitely apart of the journey in blogging and business.  If you are thinking about revamping your blog or starting a new blog, listen to this podcast first.

Episode 2: Can A Rural Blogger Be Successful? (Here Are 5 Ways To Do It!)

I’m so excited for Episode 1 of Blog With Kim!  Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on Itunes.  Trying to get your blog exposure can be hard when you live in a rural area.  Many bloggers believe that they have to live in Atlanta, New York, or LA to be successful, but I believe … [Read more…]

Episode 1: What Makes Your Blog Stand Apart From Others? | Blog With Kim Podcast

Welcome to a new year and the new Blog With Kim Podcast!  Whoot!  I am so excited about this new podcast that was created to help you learn how to identify and use your unique gifts and talents to build a successful online business with a blog.  I reached so many of my goals last … [Read more…]